Rise My Child was founded 2001 in New Orleans, LA by soul artist Tonya Boyd-Cannon. It was then the first Citywide Youth Choir was formed. Tonya’s vision was fueled by her passion to heal the surrounding communities through the arts and education. Therefore, under Rise My Child she pushed full steam ahead with various programs that included: the Citywide Youth Choir, Summer ARTS Camp, Feeding program and School Supply Giveaways. 

Succeeding Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Tonya established Rise My Child in Jackson, Mississippi in 2007.

After moving back to New Orleans, Rise My Child was re-established in 2008. In 2016, the renewing of the New Orleans Citywide Youth Choir began. The choir members range between the ages of 4-18. The choir has gone on to perform for many events in the Greater New Orleans area. 

The Rise My Child Vocal Summer Camp was launched with a focus on VOCAL music and how it lives in various ART forms. The students engage in the foundational levels of theater, dance, technology and the music industry. Students also engage in culinary arts skills.

Private Vocal Lessons and Vocal Workshops prepare our artists with instructions in: posture, breathing techniques, self-awareness (owning one’s voice type) and vocal register variations. Students develop skills in ear-training; scales; and building a repertoire of songs. 


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Tonya Boyd Cannon

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Performing Arts Instructor 

Shawnetelle Logan

Performing Arts Instructor